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Welcome to CCCL Students!

Whether you’ve just arrived at university, or you’ve been here for several years already, we’d love to welcome you into our church family. At CCCL, there’s plenty to get involved in! We also recognise that coming to uni can be an unnerving time, so if you’d like someone to welcome you to Leeds, then please let us know, and we'll be in touch before and when you arrive.

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As Christians, we want to be mining the riches of God's word. So every Thursday evening, we meet as a student group for a Bible study and a talk that aims to unpack the foundations of our faith. It's a time where we can encourage, challenge and support each other in our Christian lives. 

Quaker Meeting House
- Thursday 7pm



A recent study has shown that university students are far lonelier than other adults. Finding a community while at uni is key to spiritual and emotional health. Christ Church Central would love to welcome you and help during these crucial years.

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Days Away

The friends you make at university can last a lifetime. Every so often, our student group will get away from the business and stress of uni life, in order to build friendships, have fun and focus on some specific teaching. This includes a Day in the Dales at the end of the Autumn Term and a couple of nights away together in the Easter Holidays.

Get Involved

There are many other ways we’d love to help you get involved in church! You could join one of our midweek Community Groups that meets on a Wednesday evening. On a Sunday morning, you could be involved in a range of ways, from being in the music team, to serving practically, to helping with our children’s groups.

We'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to get in touch to know more or visit church please fill in

Or drop us a line on

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